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Boko Haram has Taken Over Bama, Hoists Flag : BIG CHALLENGES

Nigerian soldiers tried but it seems the Boko Haram guys are still winning the battle with their superior and more sophisticated weapons, GistmyNaija.com gatheered. After hours of fighting, the dreaded sect finally took

The Heartless Bombings and Killings In Jos

  This senseless killing of innocent Nigerians is the signature of the wicked Boko Haram sect with abducted over 200 schoolgirls in Chibok, Borno State last month. In recent times, their killing spree

Death Is Not Life! Nigerians, Please Change Your Government

Is this life? Who thinks that deaths every day is life? Why are we now dying in Nigeria from terror faster than any nation on earth? More deaths and destruction than CAR,

THIS IS SAD: How Boko Haram Rapéd 2 of the Girls Mercilessly

  This is a very touching story, which goes to show how our girls are suffering: 15 year old Baba Goni, a young lad from Borno was abducted and held hostage by

The Faces of The Fake Fulani Herdsmen Killing For Boko Haram

  At last, it has emerged that the group of herdsmen operating in Nigeria’s middlebelt states of Benue, Nasarawa, Taraba and even those that recently killed scores of people in Zamfara state, are

Boko Haram Chase And Kills Studens Going To Wrrite JAMB

What is wrong with Boko Haram and their sponsors: why are they making human life worthless? As you read this, scores of students travelling to write JAMB exam in Borno State have