Fake And Lying Bobrisky Returns To Nigeria Without Hips Implant

Written by olaitan

…promised security guard absent at air port 

Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, a.k.a Bobrisky who is confused as to which sexual preference to choose is back to Nigeria with a bag on lies on his back.

First, the transvestite promised his followers on social media that he was visiting the Donald Trump led country to get a surgery that will reshape his behind and hips. Secondly he announced that on arrival in Nigeria two Presidential body guards and military men will escort him to his place of abode In Lagos.

Now after series of controversies in America that included Bobrsiky failing to pay his hair dresser, he has return to Nigeria without the surgery and when he landed in Nigeria he travelled alone to his house like an orphan taking solace in his social media crowd.

The cross dresser failed to talk about why he did not do the surgery and the absence of his security men at the airport but he rather talked about flying back into the country and like a colleague asked me at the office how do we know he is not lying, why did he not she us the flight ticket, this guy is just a fake and a big liar.

He became recognized by being highly controversial on social media. Bobrisky was able to gather traffic to his Snapchat account when he claimed he had a lover who is assumed to be of masculine gender despite the Nigerian constitution at that point in time which made such same sex relationships an offence punishable by serving 14 years in a penitentiary

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