Has Harrysong Chased KeeCee Out Of The Music Industry?

Written by olaitan

KeeCee: These are very interesting times in the showbiz industry. As one is trying to make sense of the endless list of entertainers who are running for governorship in their states as if someone told them the best night clubs our inside government houses. 

We here of Harrysong throwing shades KeeCee questioning his level of talent and claiming he made Keecee and not the other way round. Some say he even boasted that now that he has left KeeCee, the “Limpopo” crooner will never be able to make a meaningful song again.

Just as we were trying to digest Harrysong’s audacious statement, the news broke; KeeCee has joined gubernatorial race for Anambra State. What?, what gave him the inspiration to pull such stunt. Then it struck, has he taken Harrysong’s prophesy that he won’t be able to make another hit song seriously and has decided to change career?, Just asking.

Well, this writer is not alone, as one reader of our sit even asked, will he run Anambra State from the confines of quilux night club? These are questions begging for answered Mr.KeeCee .


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