“Sex for Money Is Bad”- Sandra Edoho Advise Daughter

Written by olaitan

Sandra, wife of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ TV host, Frank Edoho, asked a pertinent question on her social media page this morning. 

According to the mother of three, she is about to have this discussion with her 13 year old daughter and needs tips on how to go about it.She asked;

”At what age do we begin to teach our children, especially the girls and the boys of course, that having sex for money is so NOT the way to go! In today’s world, this seems to be cool!

Little girls and boys on private jets and exotic vacations and expensive hotels and loads of Instagram likes seem to equal success now!

When do we begin to instill this value! I am about to have the talk with my 13 year old daughter, how do I even begin?”

Frank and Sandra welcomed their second child, a baby boy in the U.S. last year December.

Frank, is blessed with 3 children from his previous marriage to Katherine Obiang, while Sandra, has a child from a previous relationship.

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