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Lanre Gentry Would Beat Mercy Aigbe More If He Is Given The Chance. See How Remorseless He Is.

Written by olaitan

In a call with Lanre Gentry, Mercy’s estranged husband, it has been gathered that of a truth, Lanre beat Mercy and has promised to do it again if he sees her. 

When asked why, all he said like, Mercy travelling to other countries in expensive flights, going to parties and being the love of everyone, showed jealousy and he felt that Mercy was above him and was not a proper wife.

To add to Mercy’s present state, he said that if he were given another chance, he would beat her into coma and even break her head this time and not just the nose.

He continued ranting by saying that the government should not interference in marital affairs while the prisons are in a poor state, he said that AC’s and other conveniences should be put in prisons.

Last time we checked, the government stands against the infringement of human rights, despite Mercy was his wife, she still has her right.

Source has it that Lanre has fled to Israel.


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