I am So Happy With My Life- Rukky Sanda

Written by olaitan

Nollywood actress, Rukky Sanda has shared message to her fans that  she is happy and her life is perfect as the year gradually wraps up. 

She said “Mood; I wake up this happy everyday… Literally smiling & then I thank my Good Gracious Amazing GOD for another day given… If u wake up next to me seeing the big smile on my face, you’d prolly think I’m cray* cray* Lol! But that smile I wear and  positivity that fills my heart is nothing short but d Grace of My Living God and his presence… He says Surrender all to me to my will & I shall guide and Direct your path… It’s how I live my life… They say she’s too happy, she has no problem her life is perfect, I can go on and on…. Yes I am happy & my life is perfect even though some might say there’s nothing like perfection”

She went on to say “Guess what!!! I don’t agree… I say when u give it to God to do his will, he will PERFECT everything dat concerns u. Tz been an Eventful year… I won’t go into details because I don’t believe in talking or posting everything, (I Keep it Simple) Only confine in God & move on knowing he’s in charge and thats 💯 😊story… Story…Anyways Compliments Of the season to everyone. Fans I love u all & keep u in my prayers… I hope u find ur happy place… I pray God uplifts & elevates u in every area of your life… I pray 2017 brings u all d blessings u hope for and d few days left in this year brings u nothing but Joy & pleasant surprises. Stay Positive and keep God first always… Much love to u guys… (Btw* @rukkysandastudios page will be officially active soon with set pics, food tutorials and all my snaps) It going to be an interesting page) Casting calls will be posted on there too and I am personally running d page) God bless u all. Wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year In Advance.

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