Ladies Get In Here…Woman Goes Into Coma After Fake Butt Explodes (Picture inside)

Written by olaitan

The new craziness for ladies is the tiny waist, big oranges and big butt, so many who are naturally endowed goes out of their way to get one. 

Some uses cream, while some goes for surgery to get an implant on just to achieve a bigger butt and Oranges.

Here is a story of lady called Serena Beuford and she is from USA, just like our Nigerian women she was also crazy about big butt.

Selena’s craziness for a bigger butt led her into going for an implant and she was enjoying every bit of it until she met with difficulties.

Just like a regular routine of going to the gym to maintain the curves, she over stressed herself while doing a squat and her implant exploded.

This made meet with great pains as she was allegedly screaming and crying before finally passing out and ended up in a Coma.

See Photos Below:

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