Five Important Love Languages Needed Daily in Every Relationship

Written by olaitan
In order for your relationship to stand the test of time, there are certain languages that one need to use at all times to keep it glowing all the time. Some relationship have hit the rock because they lacked some of these basics which are:

1.I Love You. This is the magic statement in all relationship. It does not matter how far you have gone or the wrongs you may have experienced in the past you must be able to tell your partner how much you sincerely love them. They want to her that all the time.

2. I am sorry. Some people find it difficult to say this magic word “I am sorry” because of pride. But for you to have a healthy and peaceful relationship, it must be your watchword, As simple as the word “sorry” is, it has healed and kept a lot of relationship going.

3.You look great. Everyone wants to be complemented. Especially when they know they are looking their best. Always compliment your partner, even if they do not really care how they look. This gives them the impression that you still find them to be very attractive.

4. I miss you. It’s important to use this word regularly whether you are in a long distant relationship or in a close one. Sometimes when your spouse goes to work, even though you saw in the morning you can call them up later in the day to tell him that you missed them.

5. I trust you.This is a very vital ingredient in a relationship. A relationship suffers greatly when there is lack of trust. Let your spouse know from time to time that you place your trust in them and encourage them to maintain the trust.

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