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Rukky Sanda Back Groove, Steps out without Putting on Bra

Written by olaitan

When some Nigerian celebrities are having a quiet time with their God, they tend to be very loyal just for the season or time and when they are out or get what they want from God after the prayers, they return to their old way of life.


Such can be related to Nollywood actress, Rukky Sanda, who could not wait for the Ramadan to be over so she could start her raunchy lifestyle.

All through the just concluded Muslim fast, the actress had to hibernate herself from social media while she only shares motivational messages and prayers to her fans but immediately the fast was over, aunty returned to her regular life.

This time, she stepped out in long with long gown which helped to show off her hot, fresh thighs and trust, she never misses to flaunt her bra less oranges.

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