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Written by olaitan

Some people prefer traveling by air to far distance places within the country while some prefer going with car no matter how long it will take as far as the journey is guaranteed safe as they know they are moving on land.

To some people who prefer land, it is believed that it is better because it will enable them to get familiar with various routes but cannot predict what might happen during an air flight.

For Nollywood actress, Shan George, who is still thanking God for sparing her life after her car was involved in an accident some days ago, she sees driving as passion.

According to the actress, she prefers driving no matter how far the place is and detest flights which she says makes her throw up.

Speaking with Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards, the actress cum producer said, “Some of us hate flying, I vomit whenever I’m in a plane, also, driving is my passion.”

She also thanked God that her good looks and legs were still intact as nothing happened to them.

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