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I Was Given A Baby Girl in The Dream……….Actress, Uche Ogbodo Reveals

Written by olaitan

Rumours will come and go likewise challenges but what keeps one going is the ability to stay strong especially when those rumours are not true neither is the challenges meant to last long.

For fair-skin Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, she has had her own share of fans lashing and scandals but has been able to stay focused as she revealed that motherhood has been very interesting for her especially when she heard the heartbeat of her baby.

The proud mother explained that the pregnancy was fun but was could not understand the sex of the baby because she was told in various scan in Nigeria that her baby’s sex was male on three occasions until she got to America before she was told that it was a male.

Uche revealed that during her pregnancy, she had various dreams where she kept seeing a baby girl. She explained that it was serious that someone even gave her a baby girl in the dream but she had to reject it which was also another reason why she did not buy baby things until the seventh month.

Reacting to her choice of delivering abroad, the actress stated that Nigeria has good hospitals but had to go to America because her visa was still valid and needed to take her mind off a lots of things especially bad memories.

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