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I Closed my Night Club Because I Want to Repent………. Akeem Shodeinde

Written by olaitan

Popular Lagos socialite and Movida night Club boss, Akeem Shodeinde, in an interview with Encomium Magazine, disclosed that the reason for the closure of his night club is not for debt reasons, but to enable him attend to his health issues and a means of rebranding and giving his life to Christ.

Akeem who is an addict smoker with one Kidney, explained that he does not care about what people say or think about him as his health is more important than anything.
He stated that he does not know if he will re-open the night club except through God’s directive but will be willing to go to Bible school to work for God.

The night club boss added that he does not care about money or riches as he sees it something that will come and go, but respects the power of God because it is bigger than everything. “I have been doing night club business for 18 to 20 year, and I have not heard a gunshot and I have not been robbed.”

On his next means of survival after the club’s closure, Akeem noted that one does not have to put his head in one basket as he has others things doing that will help put food on his table. I still have what I can live on. And mind you, my expenses will not be like before.

According to him, “I will still live well and pay my bills. I have things that can still keep me alive. If I remember that there are people who sell akara and tuwo to survive, I believe I will survive because I can’t go beg for shoes or clothes. I am not too greedy, neither am I desperate. God’s time is the best. Starvation is never my problem.”

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