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As Politicians, We Will Still Be Loyal……..Kate Henshaw, Desmond Elliot Reveals

Written by olaitan

Politics could be described as a game for the strong and brave minds and at the end of the tunnel, the best or favoured candidate takes the lead to represent the people in whatever aspect they applied for.

Nollywood celebs in politics is no longer news. But what is going on in the minds of many fans is will they be able to win and if yes, what will be their relationships with their fans be like?

Recently in a brief response to GistmyNaija.com online question, Desmond Elliot when asked if he would still have the time to socialize with his fans on social media, responded that as an actor, he has been frequent on social media and sees nothing wrong doing same after getting into office. “As an Actor I tweeted, director I tweet, don’t see why the situation would be different.”

Furthermore, beautiful actress, Kate Henshaw who is also aspiring for a seat at the Cross River state Federal House of Representatives, when asked if she will quit acting for four years, replied that she is still relevant in the make-belief world no matter what. ‘Lol.. an actor is an actor.’ 
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